I'm a beer-loving atheist who's giving up alcohol for Lent.

"Why, if you don't believe in God, would you give up anything for Lent?"  

I believe Christianity is not inherent to much of what it claims:  the values, the parables, the idea of rebirth...The Good Life is not contingent upon a belief in God.

The story of the temptations of Christ is one with which I easily identify:  avoiding temptation while in a weakened state, proving mind over matter leading to a rebirth.  There is power in achievement; believing theoretically that you can meet a challenge is different than having the internal knowledge that you've met that challenge.  It is easy to say that the mind is powerful, but to rise up to a trial and summon a renewal of confidence that comes from such a triumph over self can prove that your mind is more powerful than your body, your urges, your weaknesses.

All this for a 40 day test?  Yes, please.  Bring it ON!